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kosraemap1Ocean Energy Kosrae is an Independent Power Producer in the State of Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia.

Kosrae is the jewel of Micronesia. The island of unspoiled nature, peaceful and gracious people, sunny beaches, crystal clear waters, lush tropical vegetation, clean air and deep blue skies.

The company's mission is to produce and deliver to the customers in the State of Kosrae electric power harnessed from renewable energy sources as ocean waves, tidal, wind, solar and marine currents in order to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the state's dependability on fossil fuels, to improve the quality of life, minimize the cost and expand the use of electricity in the State of Kosrae, to achieve an equal access to affordable and sustainable renewable energy sources in environmentally responsible and commercially viable manner.

The State of Kosrae is poised to become the first Island in the world to be completely powered by renewable energy sources.